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Our Work

Fashion Adverts 

Fully Paid Clothing - Women's collection

FPC - New collection

Simple but effective! we specialise in creating videos that are innovative, relevant and captivating.
,We incorporated a reel style trend that is both relevant and captivating, and will encourage the audience to engage with the content.

Creating unique visuals that draw in audiences and leave a lasting impression is our goal.


We created a Social Advert for the streetwear brand Fullypaid Clothing's new collection to attract their target audience. We used a fast-paced, dynamic style with effects and music that resonated with the audience. The end result was a captivating video that showcased the brand in a professional and modern way.

FPC x Ashley Walters - "Be on Top"

Lets help bring your brand collaboration to life! We specialise in creating engaging, creative social adverts to capture the attention of your audience.

We recently created a social advert for a brand collaboration with Fully Paid clothing and British actor Ashley Walters for a gym wear line launch. Our video was designed to get viewers excited and expectant for the launch, setting the stage for a successful collaboration.


London Fashion Week: All Things Fashion: Fashionista Catwalk 2022
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London Fashion Week - Event 

Wemembers - Christmas party Event 

Wemembers - February social event 

Capturing the best and most fun moments of events, while also reflecting the values of the brand. We strive to capture the energy, emotion, and beauty of the moment in all of our work.

Recently, we created a video for one of our clients who hold monthly social events for women. We are excited to continue to work and grow with them. If you’re looking for a videography team that can capture the beauty and energy of your event, look no further than R x B Digital.

We have a keen eye for detail and love to capture special  and key moments at every event.
Our most notable work includes creating a video for London Fashion Week, which showcased all the action that went on during the event. We ensured that the video was a captivating watch and got the audience excited for the next London Fashion Week. Our goal is to create content that will leave a lasting impression.

In this Branded content video we ensured  that we capture the key moments of any event. We create videos that get people wanting to join the social group and make them feel a sense of unity. Our team is passionate about making videos that are fun, creative and tell a story. We strive to make sure each video perfectly encapsulates the brand, guests and event.

And more...

Alade Perfume - "Lions Kiss"

Nqobilé -  Artist Brand Profile 

We understand the importance of creating videos that captivate and inspire the viewer. We created a dynamic video for the men's fragrance line to capture the values of the male audiences.

We used a combination of creative cinematography and emotionally stirring music to create a video that was evocative of the brand's message. Also used a combination of slow-motion and fast-paced shots to capture the ambition of the man as he ran up the hill. The result was a video that truly embodied the concept of “Lions Kiss”.

We bring our clients’ vision to life by creating emotive videos that captivate viewers and communicate their message.

We wanted to create an authentic and relatable video to let audience know more about Nqobilé and her journey. We used a vibrant and documentary-style approach to reflect the emotion and energy of her music. We look forward to continuing to bring our clients’ stories to life in meaningful ways.

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